Saturday, February 14, 2009

summer in the under

A year of winter is no place to live. Clerical errors, lapses in judgment, mistakes in planning. Reasons abound for traveling from the throes of winter to another hemisphere and to repeat it again. For the likes of my complexion, it starts as a fading of melanin and corresponds with the fading of spirit. By the time my skin reached a level of paleness not matched since my birth, the desire for summer reached a crescendo. Then back! Back in the glorious sunlight! No better place to enjoy it exists then the wide brown land. Terra Firma is an island ringed with stretches of golden sand. Aqua Marina is crystalline and every shade of blue. And the sun, oh the glorious sun, a ball of fire pashing your every cell with heat. But like allot of pashing it's when you sober up from the initial enjoyment you realize the ill effect. The sun is not to be trusted. Sunlight can be like saliva, containing herpes and who knows what, that the girl, that looked a lot more attractive when you didn't see as clear, had hidden unknown. In my case i entered the warm season straight from the cold season, no graduating with spring for me. So skin, so white as to seem translucent first meets the sun on the arm, hanging out the window of a driving car. One arm red, the body follows suit while laying on the longboard. Red turns to tan and a feeling of invincibility sets in. So when the first real swell of summer hits, sunscreen is less of a priority then long hours sitting on fiberglass floating on ocean surges. Now my face is red again, and flaps of it are falling off. The freckles on my shoulders have multiplied to the point i think they may mutiny and overwhelm me. This is not 'cool' this is a shit way to live. I want to catch waves, not cancer. Consuming humanity have eaten most our earth has to offer, and the atmosphere was not passed over in the feast. Here in the land down under the hole we've left in the atmos is hanging above. Like a hole in a condom letting everything you don't want through, to relate back to earlier analogy. With over 1,600 deaths here a year, and over 100% increase in cases since 1985 the sun's sneaky side affect is very real and traumatizing. The sun doesn't give a call a few months later to say' yeah we had some fun, but hey, i think you might need to get yourself checked out.' A nice chunk of info is available from the 'department of health and aging', very appropriate name for a bureau on this type of thing. so remember kids practice safe sun and safe sex this summer.

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